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The ODOP initiative is aimed at manifesting the vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to foster balanced regional development across all Districts of the country.The Government of India have identified Kondapalli Toys as One District One Product in N.T.R. District.

History & Significance

Kondapalli Toys, also known as Kondapalli Bommalu, are a unique form of Indian wooden toys that originate from the town of Kondapalli in the NTR district of Andhra Pradesh. These toys are a testament to the rich cultural heritage and traditional craftsmanship of the region, with a history that dates back to the 16th century. The roots of Kondapalli Toys can be traced back to the Raju community of Kondapalli, who are believed to have migrated from Rajasthan several centuries ago.

The process of making Kondapalli Toys is a labour-intensive one that requires both skill and patience. The artisans, known as “Aryakshatriyas”, start by carving the softwood into the desired shape. The carved figures are then coated with a mixture of sawdust and tamarind seed paste to create a smooth surface. Once the coating is dry, the toys are painted with vibrant colours to bring them to life. The themes of these toys often reflect the rural life and cultural traditions of Andhra Pradesh, including scenes of village life, animals and Hindu deities.

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The cultural significance of Kondapalli Toys extends beyond the town of Kondapalli. These toys are an integral part of the cultural fabric of NTR district, where they are used in festivals and celebrations. During the festival of Bommala Koluvu, which is part of the Sankranti celebrations, households display their collection of Kondapalli Toys as a mark of prosperity and cultural pride. The toys are also used in the storytelling tradition of the region, where they serve as visual aids to narrate folk tales and epics.

The town of Kondapalli is not just known for its toys, but also for its historic fort. The Kondapalli Fort, also known as Kondapalli Kota, is a 14th-century fort that stands on a hill overlooking the town. Kondapally Toys represent a rich tradition of craftsmanship and cultural heritage that is deeply rooted in the history and culture of Andhra Pradesh. These toys, along with the historic Kondapalli Fort, are a testament to the region’s vibrant past and continue to be a source of cultural pride for the people of the NTR district.

Kondapalli Bommalu (Toys) Wooden Craft has been registered under the GI Act since 2005. Kondapalli toys are famous for their lightweight, vibrant colours and age-old production techniques. Themed around mythology, rural life and animals, these toys exhibit joyous and realistic expressions. The famous types of Kondapalli toys include the Ambari-Elephant design, Palm Tree, Dasavatara (a set of 10 toys), and Village Set (a set of 24 toys). During the Dussehra and Sankranthi celebrations, the practice of “Bommala Koluvu” or “Kollu” involves collecting and ceremoniously displaying toys. Many children and women strive to have the grandest and most elaborate collection during this time.The carving tools used are a drill, hammer, axe, bahudara (for carving), aakrai (file) and chisels for finer work.



Details of District Nodal Officer, Nodal Department and Dedicated team for ODOP
Dedicated helpline or call centre / support desk for ODOP
Development Officer 9346257399
Action Plan:

  • Provide various training programmes in Natural Dyes in Kondapally Toys Craft under various schemes of Government of India and Government of Andhra Pradesh
  • Provide financial assistance through MUDRA loans.
  • Provide marketing facilities by conducting Exhibitions.

List of activities being undertaken by district administration under ODOP initiative:

Training on Natural Dyes in Kondapally Toys Craft is being conducted to Artisans by Andhra Pradesh Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd, Vijayawada under Welfare Schemes for Artisans.

  • Pehchan Cards issued to (239) Artisans
  • Conducting Exhibitions

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S.No Name of the Scheme Period Place No. of Weavers Training 
1 Scheme for Welfare Schemes for Artisans 02.09.2022 to 01.10.2022 (30 days) Kondapally Toys Cooperative Building, Kondapally 20 + 20(2 batches) Natural Dyes in Kondapally Toys Craft

Details of ODOP sensitization workshop being conducted for current stakeholders and next generation stakeholders List of ongoing Training Programs:

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  • ODOP catalogues created district wise with ODOP product, photographs and circulated to all the district administration heads with a branding LEPAKSHI
  • Participation of Kondapalli artisan in HGH India 2022
  • Fair promoted among International Buyers for B2B

List of mentors registered with District to provide mentorship to beneficiaries List of Cluster Designers, Assistant Development Officers, Development Officers, CSR Project & NGOs Name of the Mentor Designation Contact Email ID:

Sl No Name of the Mentor
1 Udaya Shesha Rao
2 Udayagiri Surya Prakasha Rao
3 Shaik Khaja
4 Udayagiri Venkata Ramana Prasad
5 K. Naga Brahma Chary
6 D. Raghu Babu
7 Nutakki Srinivasa Rao

Details by account Holder of all transactions (Sales) Consolidate sales data of ODOP product from the district:

Mentorship support available, with clear laid out procedures to avail the same List of Cluster Development Program, Training Programs and other schemes:

Funding support available, with clear laid out procedures to avail the same
Credit facility / Scheme Contact Details Eligibility  Link to apply
MUDRA (1) KVIB, Vijayawada,(2) GM, DIC, Vijayawada Individual Craftsmen


Details of rules, regulations, act, Govt schemes introduced or amended to propel the ODOP initiative in the district :


Details of Quality assurance Labs / Certification Labs / Processing Units/Quality infrastructure with Contact Details:

Details of department providing institutional support to beneficiaries availing support under ODOP initiative :
Department Address Contact  Email id
Lepakshi Vijayawada
Handicrafts (DCH) Vijayawada


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