Cultural Tourism


Kondapalli Bommalu Kondapalli is well known for its wooden toys named after it. The ancient fort of Kondapalli is a place of historical importance and tourist interest. It is said to have been constructed by Ana-Vema Reddy in the period 1362-1377 A.D and was captured and annexed by Krishna Deva Raya in Vijayanagar Empire. Kondapalli toys are famous for their lightweight, vibrant colours and age-old production techniques. Themed around mythology, rural life and animals, these toys exhibit joyous and realistic expressions. The art shows the strong influence of the Islamic style and the pointed nose of the human figures is reminiscent of the 17th century Rajasthani style. The artisans who make these toys are known as ‘Aryakshatriyas’. It is said that these craftsmen migrated from Rajasthan to Kondapalli around the 16th century bringing with them the art of crafting toys. This 400-year old tradition has passed on from generation to generation with every member taking part in the toy-making activity in the ‘Toy Colony’ of Kondapalli.


Shivaratri VIJAYAWADA Known as Vijayawavatika in mythology, Vijayawada is a place of pilgrimage on the banks of river Krishna. People gather in thousands for a dip in Krishna on important festival particularly on Mahasivarathri. Krishna Pushkaram occurring once in 12 years is an all India festival and lakhs of people pay their homage to the sacred Krishnaveni. Arjuna obtained the famous “Pasupathastra” after doing penance of “Indrakeela” hill. In the town Kanaka Durga is the presiding deity and the Durga temple situated on the hill, attract pilgrims, through out the year from far and near. From uphill a panoramic view of the city can be had which is all the more fascinating during nights..