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Kondapalli Reserve Forest

Forest Kondapalli

It is said that Kondapalli Reserve Forest in Andhra Pradesh has more than 100 tiny and moderate-sized waterfalls hidden inside its ranges. Perfect for trekking, the forest ranges are home to plenty of animals too.

Kondapalli — also known as the Toy Village of Andhra Pradesh is known for its Kondapalli Bommalu. But if you ask any local, they’d recommend a handful of places in and around Kondapalli that can sort your weekend. Turn to the forest for a rewarding trek with your friends, where you might encounter not just waterfalls but also civets, peacocks, sambar deer, and barking deer. The deeper insides of the forest are home to leopards, wild dogs, wolves, jackals, wild boars, four-legged antelopes. The pathways inside the forest are rocky and you really need a good pair of trekking shoes to cover the trail, plus the path can be really tricky, so you need to start early in the day. But a lot of Meetup groups host camping and guided trekking throughout the year, and if you cannot plan one on your own, this is the best way to go about.

As you climb, the view of the town and the nearby villages makes your trek worthy and during the sunset, you can check out the sun washing away the sky in hues of oranges. While it works well for your Instagram feed, start climbing down before it gets too dark.